1. I. Love. That. Movie.

    My dad is more than amused that my dog’s name is Roma (nickname: Romie) and he always says “There’s Romy and Michelle!” when we come over to visit.

    Old people are so self-assured. One of their finest qualities. It makes every interaction with them such a treat!

  2. Jill W

    Love it. Romy and Michelle are awesome, as is traveling for work (as long as it isn’t constant!)…and I just read an article about the top XX hipster baby names and “Romy” is on the list! I couldn’t believe it. I can’t find the exact article, but it was pretty great.

    • Sara

      I love it! I can’t believe it’s taken this long though. That movie is so old!! I heard talks about a second … but I haven’t heard anything else about it. I don’t really know how they’d manage! The first was perfect.

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