safe and sound.

I made it back to England!

I was super depressed yesterday about leaving Orlando, and although I’m still sad to be back in England it’s a lot easier to handle when it’s sunny, warm and I go straight to work. I feel so lucky to have a job where I like everyone I work with so much. It’s tough working a full day after not sleeping for 24 hours, but it helps get me back on a proper sleep schedule and it’s nice to have good food already made at work.

I used to love airplane food. But the past couple years have been rough. It all started in 2012 when Continental gave me a sandwich that looked like it had small pox, and it’s gone downhill from there. I don’t think airlines even consider making vegetarian options that aren’t curry, so I end up saying “ich don’t think so” and trading it in for slimy “chicken” to avoid the curry. And breakfast this morning was a teeny tiny plain croissant, which I’m still confused about how that was meant to fill anyone up. Granted, my stomach is kind of a furnace, but they served it an hour and a half before landing and I was starving before I even left the plane!

My next few weeks shouldn’t be depressing. I have so much lined up! I like having things to look forward to. I have lots of softball games during the weeks, and this weekend I am seeing friends, then the next week I’m traveling for work. Then two weeks after that I’m going to Sardinia with a friend for the Fourth of July weekend. Then I’m going to Portland, Oregon two weeks after that, which I’m very excited about because I’ve never been to the Pacific Northwest! I’m hoping to camp, hike and drink lots of coffee in Portland. I haven’t planned after that, but hopefully August will have fun things in store.

Random US picture. Has anyone actually tried any of these Oreos?! Who is eating these? I also saw watermelon flavor, but that apparently was so popular it warranted its own display shelf in Publix.



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  1. I’m like you too – used to love airplane food but gone off it these couple of years for roughly the same reason as yours.

    About the Oreos, I know there are several varieties/flavours – but we in Hong Kong only get the standard-issue variety. I’ve never gotten use to Oreos – they’re just too sweet for me.

    1. Yeah, same in England … for now! I expect there will be more soon though. London has become so Americanized in the past couple years. There aren’t many shops or many things I can’t get here anymore.

  2. Welcome back! Heading back to England just means you’re that much closer to Portland. You can see where my priorities are.

    Airplane food is…interesting. Some of the stuff on the United flights to/from Portugal/Spain was more edible than normal. I was pleasantly surprised. Some of it was just gross, though. Have you read in the flight magazines about how certain airlines win food awards and stuff? I’m like HOW? WHO IS JUDGING THIS?!

    The flavors of Oreos are just getting out of hand. It’s one thing to change the colors for holidays or whatever but to actually change the flavor seems sacrilege!

    1. HAHA no, I never saw that, but seriously how do you get that job?? I have read about airplane food though, and how it’s a real test for chefs because people taste differently up in the air. That was pretty interesting. Clearly they haven’t figured out the formula yet.

      I am so excited about Portland!! It’s only a month away now!

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