1. You’re going to be so well caffeinated when you leave. It’ll be glorious. Portland is known for their coffee (roasts and award winning baristas), so you shouldn’t be disappointed just about anywhere you go.

    You’re in a part of town that I really don’t go to that often. I’ve driven past Happy Sparrow, but never been. People rave about those kolaches though.

    I feel like Portland has been so anti-England weather lately! It’s been so warm and sunny. It’ll be back up into the 90s soon, which IMO, is gross. Yesterday was like the perfect day!

    So glad you’re here!

    • Sara

      You should check it out! I wasn’t too impressed with the area where I was staying. I think if I’d moved to Portland I would have wanted to leave that area asap. I LOVED the downtown area though. I was so impressed with how nice and clean and cool it was. And the city was beautiful. Too bad I couldn’t stay longer and meet up with you, I was so disappointed to not meet you!!

  2. Can’t wait to see all you get into. I went to Portland once before and found it just okay. My highlight was Stumpton’s coffee and Voodoo Doughnuts. But I am going again and plan to give the city another chance! Someone told me the coffee was AMAZING at Caffe Vita.

    • Sara

      Yeah I didn’t get to stay too long so I was disappointed I couldn’t check out all the food, but I’m not sure the city would have been for me long-term because it was just so far away from all my family. When I went back to Ohio it was such a hassle – two flights! Also I really wasn’t impressed with the weather. I’ve lived in England for way too long and was not excited to find out it was exactly the same sort of climate!

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