cronut toenut.

I tried my first cronut! I have been sitting in England for the past few months wondering why croissant doughnuts are even a thing, then I tried one at Disney this weekend and now I know why. Well, I know why other people like them. It’s one of those things where I wouldn’t actually buy one for myself (not the biggest dessert person), but I can see how people might think it was addictive.


It was hard to eat, though. Fried, sweet flakes kept falling off and landing in my sandals so my toes felt nice and juicy and sticky.

I’m leaving Orlando tomorrow and I AM SO DEPRESSED. Not even joking. I try hard to be positive in life because who likes to be around a negative nelly? It’s so hard in England. I feel like the past few months all I do is complain about everything and I hate being that person. I frequently find that I’m annoying myself, which I didn’t really know was possible.

I’ve realized how negative my thinking is and I’ve tried to change it. If you think about it, the things you say to yourself are so horrible. You wouldn’t say to a friend pretty much anything you say to yourself. For example, I sometimes get so sad on Fridays because I know I’m going to spend the entire weekend alone so I’ll sit there thinking, “Not a single person in this entire country loves me.” I would NEVER go up to one of my friends and be like, “You’re going to have an awful, lonely weekend because no one loves you.” It’s so hard not to feel completely alone in London when everyone I know either has a partner, family, or both. I’ve always had fun on my own and I still travel and do all kinds of stuff like volunteering and playing in sports leagues, but it’s always on my mind these days that I’m completely alone over there and I’m pretty much done enjoying it.

I miss everything. I miss every holiday, every family event and every kid who grows up. It’s been so great this week getting to know my little cousin! He is so cute that the lady at Starbucks today didn’t ask his mom’s name, she just wrote on the cup “mom of the cutest kid in the world.”

He’s officially the only kid in the entire world that I like being around.


I have loved every second of being in Florida! I’ve eaten a lot of food and gotten a lot of sun. I even got my first watermelon slurpee and scratch card!



I also got butter popcorn TWICE this week. I saw Maleficent – loved it. I love how movies like Maleficent and Frozen have super fun girl power twists, vs the traditional pathetic princess plots.

Basically, go see Maleficent and rent Frozen immediately.

4 thoughts on “cronut toenut.”

    1. I’m so glad we at least have the Internet to keep in touch with everyone. Otherwise I don’t know how I’d handle it!

  1. The first step to recover is admitting you have a problem? Seriously, though, I think you’re on your way to feeling better about life. You’re making moves, getting yourself prepared for something better. The rest will fall into place soon.

    Also cronut? Jealous. I haven’t seen one here…yet.

    1. I’m surprised!! I thought Portland was on top of every food trend!
      And yeah, I keep reminding myself there are better things ahead although I can’t blog about them yet! :) it’s still tough though!

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