big changes!

I’m finally leaving London! One thing I love about life is you never know how much things can change in even a short time.

Two weeks ago a series of events unexpectedly took me to Ohio, where in the space of a day I went from being dead set on moving to Orlando to realizing moving back to Ohio was the perfect decision for me. I NEVER thought I would move back to the Midwest, but now I couldn’t be more excited!!

I paid a deposit on a really cool loft right downtown. No matter how long I stayed in London I would never (like Taylor Swift Never, Ever, Ever) be able to afford to live in anything like what I’m getting in Dayton (yes, I know Dayton is not considered one of the world’s greatest cities). For one thing, it just doesn’t exist in London. A big apartment with floor-to-ceiling, wall-to-wall windows? Yeah right! I have air conditioning, a garbage disposal, a dishwasher, a real refrigerator, a freezer, and a personal washer and dryer – all things that generally don’t exist in London residences and I’m getting all this for less than I’m paying for my closet room. My loft building also has a private relaxation room for yoga, a cool gym and a patio area with grills for BBQs! It’s also close to a cute Farmers’ market in an old train station.



I AM SO EXCITED!!!!!!!!!!!

I still really want to live in Orlando! But I am committed to making smart financial decisions now, and although I’m pretty sure I’d be fine in Orlando I know that moving to Dayton is a really smart decision and would probably make me happier because the things that are important to me are easier to get in Ohio, and that’s where my family is.


There are many reasons why Ohio is perfect at the moment, but the top reason is that I’ve spent five years away from my family and at times couldn’t see them for a year and a half. That’s too long! I can’t cram seeing everyone into two weeks once a year. Some members of my extended family I get to spend only a day or two with a year. With the exception of last Christmas, for the past five years I’ve missed every single holiday, every birthday, every family reunion, everything.

The other big reason Ohio is good is because I’ve come to hate super big city life so much and I just can’t take it anymore. Riding to work a couple weeks ago sandwiched into someone’s back sweat patch was the last straw for me. There are no more pieces left of my soul to die, and I’d like to feel like I have a soul again.

I’m tired of never being able to do anything because 8 million people are already doing it, or having to pay a premium for everything simply because it’s London. I’m also tired of having to travel at least an hour to see any of my friends. In Dayton, you don’t have to worry about anything being packed or things being overpriced, and living downtown means everyone in the city will be 20 minutes away or less. Dayton’s not a bad city, but it’s also not what I’d call exciting or cool. It’s just a pretty average Midwestern city, although it has a surprisingly good food scene! I don’t want an “exciting” city right now. I want to be able to see my family, live a good life, and eat good food.

This was definitely good food. Thin crust Italian pizza and a watermelon martini at Serendipity Bistro in downtown Dayton.



I’ll really miss my friends in London and I’ll definitely miss my job! I have such a great job and I love my colleagues. I also love having 28 days of vacation per year. Every job I look at in the US is advertised as having a “generous” vacation allowance, and then they say something like 10-12 days. I don’t know why Americans insist on working to death. People are so much happier and work more efficiently when they’re well-rested and happy! Also, every single American I talk to is super jealous of my six weeks of vacation per year (plus all the public holidays as well, so it’s something like 35 days).

Speaking of six weeks, only six more weeks in London! My mom is coming to visit for my last two weeks, and I’m taking her to Florence and Pisa, and then we’re going on a second trip to Switzerland where we’re renting a car and also driving up into the Black Forest in Germany.

Just before she visits I’m going with two friends to the Lake District because I really want to climb Scafell Pike so I’ll have hiked the three highest mountains in the UK! Last year I climbed Ben Nevis, in April I did Snowdon, and now Scafell Pike! I’m so excited!


My friends are trying to help me think of an England bucket list. I had started making one, but the only thing that was on it was “try Ribena,” which I did.

6 thoughts on “big changes!”

    1. Probably not something I should have waited five years to try. It wasn’t that great, and definitely not worthy of being top on my bucket list. But it just seemed so British!!

  1. So happy for you!! Making changes to ensure your happiness is the best. I hope your travels bring you back by Portland someday, but until then I can’t wait to see what you get into with this new life in Ohio. (PS – loft photos please!)

  2. Welcome home!
    Here’s to getting your soul back, one slice of pie, at a time, or whatever it is we eat in the Midwest. For me, it’s all about the veggies, although I wouldn’t turn down pie, especially not a homemade one.

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