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Chocolate cherry cake and a breakfast panini


What do these have to do with each other? Nothing. Absolutely nothing, other than the fact that I made them both, ate them both and loved them both.

The breakfast sandwich was inspired by the fact that I found paninis on sale for 15 pence. I scrambled an egg with fresh spinach and sliced cherry tomatoes and put it on top of two slices of farm-assured salami from Waitrose.

The cherry chocolate cake is a recipe from Daily Garnish, so all credit goes to Emily! The only changes I made were to the flax “egg” and applesauce. Flax is a no for me, so I used two eggs, and I didn’t have applesauce so I used one very ripe medium-sized banana and mashed it up. Also, for some reason my oven is super hot so I baked these for only 20 minutes rather than 30. They are PERFECT.

I’m not a baker, and I rarely make sweets, but this is definitely at the top of my list in terms of desserts.

On the menu for this week is a sweet corn chowder inspired by a soup I bought at Whole Foods a couple weeks back, and also a crab spaghetti inspired by my recent trip to Jamie Oliver’s restaurant.

See you tomorrow with yet another recap from Rome!

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  1. Oh man. My mouth is watering. Good thinking to use a banana to substitute for applesauce. I would have never thought of that.

  2. I need both of those things right now. You sure know how to make a girl hungry!

  3. What is farm-assured salami? Both look great! Dave makes us egg/panini concoctions like the one you have there on weekends, yummy!

    I forgot to tell you that I made the butter bean baguette (used cannellini beans instead) and it was great! I am using the extra as antipasti this week.

    cherries are still everywhere here, so I am adding the cake recipe to my weekend cooking/baking plans!

    • Waitrose has higher standard of welfare meat they sell, versus most supermarkets which don’t even bother to try to convince you it’s at least minimally better for animals. I try to only buy meat from there or Whole Foods, if I ever buy meat at all. I had to though when I was marathon training because I was so hungry I was sick.

      I’m glad you loved the butter bean baguette! I haven’t tried with cannellini beans, are they a lot different?

      Good luck with the cherry cake!!

      • Right on! I’ve been eating a lot lately with the training. I really try to research my meat and have a very low meat intake, but I have had beef recently…eek! It was Argentinian steak and I totally caved to temptation. Argh… once I caved, I just went ahead and enjoyed it, LOL

        • I noticed a HUGE increase in my hunger. It was unreal!! I still tried to limit my meat … but I just couldn’t cut it out completely anymore. also time was another factor. Sometimes all I had time for was a salami and cheese bagel, which was really filling! And I know what you mean about caving and then just enjoying it! haha!

  4. Ohhh, that cake looks good. If I could buy cherries and not just sit down and eat the whole bag plain, I’d totally make that.

  5. Those cakes look awesome. chocolate and cheery go so well together. Yum!

  6. I want to eat this entire post, right now. A panini for breakfast is an awesome idea.

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