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My lunchbox is cooler than your lunchbox


My lunchbox really is getting cooler by the day.

Yep, that’s right. Blueberry vanilla pancakes covered in fresh blueberries. Vegan + gluten free!

Side note – I’ve never again enjoyed my daily lunches as much as I did when I sported boxes like this, complete with the matching thermos:

I followed Angela’s recipe for blueberry vanilla bean pancakes. I have never been a big reader of her blog, but I’ve been visiting it more and more recently as I try to incorporate more vegan cooking into my diet. So far it’s been great, and I’m developing trust in her opinion!

What I love most about these pancakes is the lack of added sugar – yet they’re still sweet. The only changes I made were adding sweetened coconut (same amount), using gluten-free flour (Bob’s Red Mill), and adding the blueberries to the batter to melt inside the pancakes – turned out to be a great idea! [pats self on back]

Normally pancakes are a big no-no for me. I don’t know what it is about them, but they always make me feel so sick. These are vegan and gluten free, and as I said, only mildly sweet.

Tomorrow I shall top with sliced banana and a teeny bit of maple syrup.


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  1. oh, these look delicious, bet you got some jealous colleagues. cool lunchbox, too!

  2. Pancakes in a lunchbox? That is so awesome! I have to do that now!

  3. Aw I love your lunchbox! Those pancakes look so good!!

  4. i had the same beauty and the beast lunch box! and the thermos! love it!!! Clearly, you were a cool kid :)

  5. Cannot like this enough! Thanks for sharing your spin on an epic lunch idea!

  6. OMG, those look amazing! Probably shouldn’t have looked at this before breakfast; now I’m even MORE starving! I’ve never really tried gluten free baked goods because I assume they’re gross. Sorry, it’s true. But I’m thinking I should explore it more because I have like ALL of the symptoms of someone with gluten intolerance:/

    • Me too, that’s why I tried it. And I agree, I thought they’d be gross. Which is why I spent the money and bought the brand that I always see highly recommended, even though it was 4x more expensive than the other brand, which was comparable to regular flour. I honestly didn’t even notice, and in fact preferred these. Let me know if you try it, or have any luck with other gluten free products!

  7. Those pancakes look like they kick butt! :) Cool luch box, I used to have a Scooby Do Mystery Machine one.

  8. yummmmmm! Perfect for pancake day!

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