hello from ohio!

Hello! It’s been exactly one month from today that I moved my whole life from England to Ohio. In between I took my mom to Switzerland and Italy, but more on that later!

My last day in London couldn’t have been better. I spent the day with my mom and Kelly, going for a drink at the Shard with views over London and then afternoon tea at Claridges.

london last day

We met all my friends at a pub in Bloomsbury and the hardcore stayed out until the last trains.

last day

I don’t like leaving places or people on a bad note, so in some ways it made it easier to leave London because I loved my friends and job so much. I definitely hated living in London and was ready to leave, but I was so happy on the friend/work front that I was confident I was leaving because I was truly ready to leave and not because I had a crappy job or stupid friends.

Thus, I was so excited about my decision to move to Dayton! A lot of people don’t understand at all why someone would move to Ohio over London, but for pretty much every reason Dayton is a really good option for me at the moment. And I am LOVING the standard of living here. For the first time in my life I actually have an entire apartment that I feel at home in, and our loft is just so nice. I also have cats now!! As you can see I finally have an ice machine, which means unlimited iced coffee!


The best part is that I live right downtown, so I still get the European feeling of being able to walk to bars and restaurants. And hopefully a job soon, too!

This is Rue enjoying our scenery. I got kind of jealous because I was like, sure, I have an awesome couch by the giant window, but what I really need is a hammock so I can chill like Rue.


Also, downtown Dayton is shockingly clean. It’s no London, obviously, but I used to think Dayton was a wasteland when it’s really not. They keep the downtown clean and there’s always something fun happening. I also love that the riverside is a nice little park with flowers, trees and swinging benches.

Lots of random parks and peaceful spots around the city.

hills dales

There are so many positive things about Dayton that I can’t wait to blog about it all so people will stop making fun of this city (confession: until two months ago I used to regularly question who would voluntarily live in Dayton).

I’m doing so many things I either couldn’t do in London, or didn’t want to do because of all the people. I ran the Air Force Marathon 10K my first weekend back, and I’ve signed up for a haunted 5K downtown next week. My sister and I are running in costume. We thought and thought about what we could do that would double as a good running outfit, then we came up with the perfect idea – Beavis & Butt-Head! We got the outfits already and I can’t wait for the race!

I was dead set on moving to Orlando, but I’m glad I chose Ohio because it’s good for so many reasons I don’t even have time to discuss.

Come visit me!


‘You can hug me goodbye but only one kiss on the cheek’

Likes coffee but drinks at Starbucks.
Loves country music but is a Kenny Chesney fan.
Goes to the boozer all the time but barely drinks.
Is American but believes in universal healthcare.
Social media expert, refuses to send emails or answer phones.
My friend S.

sara buda

Our friendship has been an adventure. Our first trip to Budapest nearly didn’t happen when Sara put her ‘other’ name on her flight booking. Who is this girl with two names?  Several phonecalls later this was remedied and I mused it’s a mistake she’ll never make again. It was the fourth time.
Paris was my turn to be weird. I took us to a closed-down restaurant and locked our Air bnb host out of his apartment.
Sardinia was smoother. Hours spent on golden sand, pasta on clifftops, Italians screaming from windows.


We’re just getting this travel buddy thing sorted.
One of my favourite things about  S is her street smarts. In a sauna one day, three blokes decide to hit on her by complimenting her accent (?!) Sara promptly closes the wooing down by carefully explaining that saunas don’t actually help the body to release many toxins, and you may as well go and have a poo.
Also, ‘photographer’.


This friendship is very good for diplomatic ties. It teaches tolerance of two of the worst accents in the word. It encourages wider use of handy words such as togs, jandles, sunnies and fanny pack.
We are united in our disdain at some-things-English: bad teeth, passive-aggressiveness, grey, tube people, small flats, the English.
Anywho, you know things about me no one in the world does. You’re like no one I’ve met before and I will miss you terribly.
On a brighter note, in the immortal words of the Carpenters: we’ve only just begun.
Love you S