moose cracks.

My grandma can’t hear very well, so sometimes she says funny things. She says funny things even when she can hear. For example, if you ask her how she’s doing but it’s still early in the day she will say something like, “Well, I don’t know yet!”

I really like that answer. How can you know how you are until a few hours into the day?

This week she was visiting my cousins and they asked her if she wanted butter pecan ice cream or moose tracks flavor. Grandma replied with, “What’s moose cracks?”


starting over.

I deleted my blog – as you’ve noticed! But it’s still the same URL and still the same stuff. To make a long story short I decided to switch hosting from Bluehost to One, and at first none of my photo files carried over. I eventually got everything back and was going to upload my blog here, but then I decided against it.

I started this blog back when I knew nothing about websites, so I made a lot of mistakes, like uploading GIANT photos on each post. My blog was slow, unorganized, and there were so many posts that would pop up and I’d be embarrassed about for whatever reason. Or I’d see posts pop up that were about people or times I didn’t want to be thinking about.

Mostly, I have a different view on what I do and don’t want to share, so things I might have shared before I wouldn’t want to share now. One example is that I feel so bad about some things I wrote on my blog about my divorce! I never wrote anything that I thought was mean, but he didn’t ask to be online in any capacity so that’s not fair to him. I shouldn’t have discussed anything to do with him. I would never discuss a relationship now!

The only thing I’ll miss are some of my travel posts, but I decided I’d rather just make a travel page with recaps of all the countries I’ve been to.

I’ll attempt to work on my blog design soon, but I’m in Orlando for a few more days so I will probably be enjoying the sunshine before I go back to dreary England! One night I cooked tilapia with a red chard & yellow squash mix, but mostly I’ve been eating awful/delightful American junk foods, like fries covered with nacho cheese, ranch dressing, bacon and green onions. Freedom fries!