‘You can hug me goodbye but only one kiss on the cheek’

Likes coffee but drinks at Starbucks.
Loves country music but is a Kenny Chesney fan.
Goes to the boozer all the time but barely drinks.
Is American but believes in universal healthcare.
Social media expert, refuses to send emails or answer phones.
My friend S.

sara buda

Our friendship has been an adventure. Our first trip to Budapest nearly didn’t happen when Sara put her ‘other’ name on her flight booking. Who is this girl with two names?  Several phonecalls later this was remedied and I mused it’s a mistake she’ll never make again. It was the fourth time.
Paris was my turn to be weird. I took us to a closed-down restaurant and locked our Air bnb host out of his apartment.
Sardinia was smoother. Hours spent on golden sand, pasta on clifftops, Italians screaming from windows.


We’re just getting this travel buddy thing sorted.
One of my favourite things about  S is her street smarts. In a sauna one day, three blokes decide to hit on her by complimenting her accent (?!) Sara promptly closes the wooing down by carefully explaining that saunas don’t actually help the body to release many toxins, and you may as well go and have a poo.
Also, ‘photographer’.


This friendship is very good for diplomatic ties. It teaches tolerance of two of the worst accents in the word. It encourages wider use of handy words such as togs, jandles, sunnies and fanny pack.
We are united in our disdain at some-things-English: bad teeth, passive-aggressiveness, grey, tube people, small flats, the English.
Anywho, you know things about me no one in the world does. You’re like no one I’ve met before and I will miss you terribly.
On a brighter note, in the immortal words of the Carpenters: we’ve only just begun.
Love you S

moose cracks.

My grandma can’t hear very well, so sometimes she says funny things. She says funny things even when she can hear. For example, if you ask her how she’s doing but it’s still early in the day she will say something like, “Well, I don’t know yet!”

I really like that answer. How can you know how you are until a few hours into the day?

This week she was visiting my cousins and they asked her if she wanted butter pecan ice cream or moose tracks flavor. Grandma replied with, “What’s moose cracks?”